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    THE ADVANTAGES OF Work with a leading company
    At the Hotusa Group, we are convinced that the strength of all companies is people: for their talent, for their aptitude but, above all, for their involvement, for their capacity for commitment and for their knowledge, which is continuously renewed.

    We encourage you to be part of a project in continuous development, backed by more than 40 years of experience and efficient management.

    We are sure that your contribution will help us to continue innovating and to obtain high levels of quality.
    We believe in you
    We are looking for competent professionals who enjoy challenges, who want to show that they are worthy from the offset and who are prepared to keep on learning every day and to grow with the company. If you’re one of these people, you’ve found the perfect company for you.

    We are searching for profiles with studies connected with IT engineering or telecommunications, as well as professionals who have taken modules in IT and have knowledge regarding one of the technologies in our tech stack: Angular, React, Python, Java, NodeJS, MySql, MongoDB.

    Please send us your CV on and we’ll get back to you to assess your application.
    We believe in you